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Buyer Support Program

Support Expense

Two person per a company can receive expense support in condition that they are registered as the visitor online.
Two types of support program according to the condition.
▶ Actual expense shall be supported within the coverage, each support expense is range of Max.
Support expense will be paid to exhibitor which is matched with you after SIMTOS 2020.

Matchmaking4U 종류
Type Condition Support Expense
VIP Advanced matching (3 matched cases at least) Flight
- Round trip / Economy Class
- According to the region
General Advanced matching
(1 or 2 matched cases at least)
- 3 nights Max
- U$120 for a day

* Support Expense : Type-VIP(Flight*)
- Asia(U$1,000), Southwest Asia/India (U$1,500), Europe/Oceania/America (U$2,000)

※ Flight and Accommodation will be supported only with SIMTOS Official Travel in SIMTOS website

Support Expense Process

Support Expense Process
Step 1
(Sep.5, ’19)
Online registration with marketing information for visiting SIMTOS 2020 (
Step 2
(Oct.1, ’19)
Matchmaking4U: Find your partner with Matchmaking4U Online Program
- A buyer can search SIMTOS exhibitors sorted by interesting products and apply for the meetings online.
- Advance Matchmaking complete. (
Step 3
(Jan, ’20)
Support of Expense for Buyer is confirmed finally
- The buyers succeeded in matchmaking with exhibitors can get benefits.
Step 4
Business meeting in SIMTOS
Step 5
(Apr, ’20)
Submit the required report to SIMTOS Secretariat(Exhibitor, Buyer)
- After the submission, buyer could get the support expense.

※ Required documents : Exhibitor submits buyer’s required documents, Buyer submits the meeting report

Target Required Documents Remark
Exhibitor ▶ Flight(VIP Buyer)
①Passport Copy ②E-ticket (Same spelling with passport) ③Payment receipt
Submit to Secretariat after the SIMTOS
▶ Accommodation(General Buyer)
①Passport Copy ②Payment receipt/Invoice
③Voucher ④Immigration screening of passport
Buyer ▶ Meeting report (The form will be given later)
Support exception Exhibitor’s monopoly dealer, branch, Overseas corporation

INQUIRY : SIMTOS 2020 MM4U(Matchmaking4U) Team

- E-mail :
- Tel : 02-3459-0041 / 0042