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What is Matchmaking4U

▶ Find your partner with Matchmaking4U
- You can search the company information for the matching to have a business meeting in SIMTOS.

How to use Matchmaking4U

  • 01Registration Marketing Information
    *Invitation Ticket Number
  • 02Online Matching
  • 03Business Meeting in SIMTOS
  • 04Support Expense
    (After the SIMTOS)

* Invitation Ticket Number
- Association ticket number is announced on SIMTOS website (
- Each exhibitor has their own invitation number

※ When you done the Step1, you could search the information of Exhibitors and Buyers.

Matchmaking4U Process

Matchmaking4U 기본 프로세스
Process Details Subject
Step 1
- Find the Indian buyer who are interested with Korea market Secretariat
Step 2
- Verify the Data Secretariat
- Register the Marketing Information
- Search the information for the potential partner
- Promote the List
* Online Matching program, MTM, Website
Step 3
- Exhibitor invites and makes a schedule with their buyers Exhibitor

INQUIRY : SIMTOS 2020 MM4U(Matchmaking4U) Team

- E-mail :
- Tel : 02-3459-0041 / 0042