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Title High Performance, High Quality, High Reliability - Kawasaki Robotics' Past, Present, Future
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High Performance, High Quality, High Reliability
Kawasaki Robotics' Past, Present, Future






Kawasaki Heavy Industries manufactures industrial robots in Japan for the first release in 1969. As a leader in the development of a robot maker ever since in the world market.

Kawasaki robots around the world are moving from the current 110,000, Korea has been active in the robot in more than 10,000 production sites.

Kawasaki Robotics Korea, Ltd. (KRK) is for sale, services and robots around Kawasaki Robotics Engineering in Korea, was established in June 1999.

Kawasaki Machine Systems Korea (KRK) is compatible with the needs of the production site with the motto of customer satisfaction.

Kawasaki robots include Small - Medium Payloads, Large Payloads, Extra Large Payloads, Clean, Dual Arm Scara, Medical & Pharmaceutical, Painting, Palletizing, Pick & Place, Welding - Arc and Welding - Spot.

During the SIMTOS 2018, Kawasaki Robots is expected showcase its wealth of high performance, high quality, high ability to domestic & foreign visitors. The "duAro" double arm features coexistent operation with people.

Low-power motors and a speed-reducing function helps the duAro to coexist with people in customers' work operations. Also, in the event of a collision with people and other object, the collision detection function will help to make the duAro's movement stop

The "duAro" dual-arm robot, with its two coaxial arms controlled by a single controller, can fit into a single-person space. The coaxial dual-arm configuration makes it possible to perform coordinated movement, which has been impossible for even two SCARA robots,
in addition to dual-arm operations.

In particular, AS language developed by Kawasaki will probably fascinate the people, demonstrating the value of simple & friendly communication between human & machinery.