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Title THORTEC.. Fiber Laser Cutting Machinery Leader - The Reasonable Choice of Reasonable Customers
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THORTEC.. Fiber Laser Cutting Machinery Leader
The Reasonable Choice of Reasonable Customers





THORTEC established in 2012, has been striving to develop and supply the highest quality cutting machine, delivering the value of high-level technology client-customized services.

The outstanding quality of the THORTEC-made laser cutting machine has been the outgrowth of its ceaseless innovation and the shared prosperity with clients around the world.

As the initials of THORTEC, the company is moving ahead with Trust, Honor, Objectivity & Renovation.


THOR6025 to Be Exhibited in SIMTOS 2018

THORTEC plans to showcase its wealth of technologies & solution with demonstration & exhibition of THOR6025, newly designed high-efficiency, high-function laser cutting machine.

The innovative laser cutting machine comprises state-of-art cutting head, capable of cutting a variety of materials at high speed.

Furthermore, its is easy to handle and possible to monitor the machinery movement at anytime and any place. (see more information at box story in the right)

THORTEC participated in SIMTOS 2016 for the first time, generating exploding popularity for THOR3015s, which was awarded with GD (Good design) mark. The success was also attributed to THORTEC high exhibition capacity, evolving well-prepared on-the-spot demonstration, etc.


 THORTEC Fiber Laser 

- Excellent cutting ability compared with other companies in therms of thick plate
- 70% higher energy efficiency compared with CO2
- Beam delivery method that does not require beam alignment adjustment
- Cutting a variety of materials including copper and brass
- Custom-designed optical applications
- Stability of cutting as the integrated system of important cutting part
- Excellence in the quality of special shape as duty & frequency control method


Response to the Wave 4th Industrial Revolution

Proactively responding to the wave of the 4th Industrial Revolution, THORTEC is intensifying unmanned automation equipment, incorporating ICT technology for all phase of production activities.

The company is also developing remote A/S network to better service to clients, leading to optimum connectivity, efficiency & productivity.