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Title SMEC Co., Ltd. - A Hybrid Company Integrating IT & Machines
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A Hybrid Company Integrating IT & Machines
SMEC Co., Ltd.




Starting as machine tools division of Samsung Heavy Industries in 1989, SMEC has been currently operating its production lines in both Gimhae, Gyeongnam Province and Daegu, Gyeongbuk Province. The Company develops, manufactures and sell high quality Machining Center, CNC lathe, Interrupted Equipment, Robots and etc. to both domestic and overseas market through domestic sales offices, agencies and overseas dealers.

Machinery business division has been developing the business with a variety of line-ups from small machines to medium and large machine tools aiming at over 60 countries around the world as well as domestic market. SMEC expects to gain a competitive edge in the global market by actively carrying forward the advance of new business such as 3D printer while adding higher value to the existing business and intensively fostering integrated equipment and robots as a future strategy business.

SMEC CEO Choi Young-sup said "After 2011, only a year after the merger of our Machine Tools and Telecommunications Businesses, we proclaimed our Vision 2020 and strengthened our competiviness, resulting in record growth in revenues every year."

"But we will not grow complacent. Instead, we shall continue to innovate and hold fast to the flow of change. And in the future, we shall continue producing these results while striving to diversify our revenue streams, develop new technologies and reduce costs in the face of the uncertain economic changes and recession."



To Be Exhibited at SIMTOS 2018 -- SM 400DH

During SIMTOS 2018, SMEC plans to showcase the excellence of SM 400DH, dubbed as newest champion in vertical tapping centers.

Ideal for mass production of automobile parts, IT parts and mold machining, the futuristic vertical machining centers is capable of supporting a variety of machining operations with its 20,000 rpm Direct Motor and optimized bearing pre-loaded settings that increase rigidity, counter temperature increase during operation and extend bearing life.


Rigid Tapping
The standard rigid tapping function significantly increases productivity with fast, precise tapping. Also, with its superb machining accuracy, it extends tapping tool lifetime.

Ball Screw
The ballscrews were anchored on both ends using 4 rows of Angular Thrust Bearings with pre-tension to prevent thermal expansion due to the increased temperature of the ballscrew during operation and backlash.

Automatic Lubrication Dispenser
Automatic lubrication dispenser that reliably dispenses the required amount of lubrication to the required travel axes.  Lubrication is only dispensed when the travel axes is in operation, reducing the amount of lubrication that is consumed.  When there is problem on lubrication line it shows warning.