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Title Check Your Booth Location in SIMTOS 2018
Manager Ralphy Song Department in charge Exhibition Managment Team
Contact 02-3459-0028 Date 2018-01-29 13:44:41.69

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Check Your Booth Location in SIMTOS 2018



The SIMTOS Secretariat has completed booth allocation via on-line registration based on the principle of transparency & fairness.

As a follow-up move, the Secretariat is asking exhibitors to check and confirm their booth locations number saying that "temporary booth number" is just for confirming location, not for real booth number during SIMTOS 2018. As for reference, it has posted two attachments at SIMTOS homepage, i.e. Futhermore, SIMTOS 2018 Layout by Continent Themed Pavilions & SIMTOS 2018 Temporary Booth Number of Exhibitors.