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Title A Korean Pioneer Company of Multi-Function Automatic Lathes-Hanwha Machinery
Manager Ralphy Song Department in charge Exhibition Managment Team
Contact 02-3459-0028 Date 2018-02-26 14:04:53.627

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A Korean Pioneer Company of Multi-Function Automatic Lathes
Hanwha Machinery



Based on the expertise and knowledge accumulated over our 50 years in the machinery business, Hanwha Machinery has succeeded in developing and distributing the nation's first multi-tasking automatic lathes and turret-type lathes, securing its technical advantage in the market.

The Company's continuous R&D has allowed it to maintain a strong lead in Korea's CNC automatic lathe market, planning to begin actively expanding into overseas markets.


Hanwha's Products and Solution to Be Exhibited at SIMTOS 2018

In the forthcoming SIMTOS 2018, Hanwha plans to showcase its existing l0 models of its XD Series and two new models--XD26VII and grinding machine model HCG-150.

The XD26VII is a new model improving the features of its predecessor, demonstrating Hanwha's ceaseless innovation, based on its leading technological prowess in the large and compact automatic lathe market.

NC (Computer Numerical Control) automatic lathes are designed for mass production. CNC lathes are system machining tools that are driven by computerized control. CNCs are indispensable "one-stop" tools used from fabricating materials to final production across numerous industries including automobiles, electric and electronics, medical equipment, and mobile devices.