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Title From Machine Tools to Manufacturing Knowledge
Manager Ralphy Song Department in charge Exhibition Managment Team
Contact 02-3459-0028 Date 2018-03-29 17:37:22.91

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From Machine Tools to Manufacturing Knowledge
A Total 19,550 Products & Solutions on Display



Proactively responding to the 4th Industrial Revolution, SIMTOS 2018 is where a total of 19,550 products & solutions will be displayed, providing clients-customized products, technologies and solutions, evolving from machine tools to manufacturing knowledge, etc.

Metal Cutting & Die․Mold Working
- Lathes, Milling machines, Machining centers, EDM, Grinding machines, Tapping machines, Polishing machines, Drilling machines, Gear processing machines, Lapping machines, High-speed processing machines, Deburring machines, Small, fine and high-precision processors, Dies and molds / Components for dies and molds

Parts, Materials & Motion Controls
- Materials, Bearings, LM guides, Ball screws, Curvic couplings, Spindles, ATC/APC
- Controllers, Motors (AC/DC, Gear driver, Servo, etc.), Drivers, Encoders, Sensors, Reduction gears, PLC, Actuators
- Cooling systems

Tools & Related Equipment
- Cutting Tools (Drills, End-mills, Taps, Cutters), Hobs, Grinding stones, Grinding materials, Tool grinding machines, Electric power tools, Air tools


Cutting-off & Welding
- Cutting-off machines (Laser, Gas, Plasma, Water jet), Forging machines, Sawing machines
- Welding machines


CAD/CAM, Measuring Systems, Automation & Robotics
- CAD/CAM Software, 3D measurement, Inspection, Machine vision systems
- Robotics, Automation (Encoder, Automatic voltage regulator)


Press & Metal Forming
- Bending machines, Spinning machines, Line processors
- Mechanical and hydraulic presses, C-type presses, H-type presses, High-speed presses, High-speed pin presses, Digital servo presses, Fine blanking presses, Transfer presses

4th Industrial Revolution
- Integrated solution, Big data, IoT, Mobile, Cloud, Network, Cooperative robots, Smart sensor, Engineering softwares