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Title Insight & Inspiration for Optimum Production Systems
Manager Ralphy Song Department in charge Exhibition Managment Team
Contact 02-3459-0028 Date 2018-05-03 09:11:25.607

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Insight & Inspiration for Optimum Production Systems
Maximize Opportunities to Capture Future


Under the slogan "Capture the Future: 4th Industrial Revolution," SIMTOS 2018 featured a variety of products and solutions inspiring the value of connectivity and opportunities linking machines-to-machines, machines-t0-man and more.


High-Tech Manufacturing Systems & Smart Factory Realization

Visitors and buyers experienced the wealth of manufacturing knowhow, which is necessary to realize high-tech manufacturing system & smart factory in the digital manufacturing transformation. Illustratively, 3D printer, automation solution, robots drew attention from visitors, who have been looking for the realization of new manufacturing trend, connected with state-of-the-art ICT equipment.


Optimum Manufacturing System

In line with the prevailing trend of convergence, connectivity & intelligence, major Korean and foreign exhibitors exhibited their outstanding solutions and system packages, conducive to the enhancement of quality and productivity. For instance, machine tool software and control as well as monitoring system were on display in the SIMTOS 2018, embracing all kinds of mothers of machines such as metal cutting & die-mold working parts, materials and molding controls, tools & related equipment, cutting-off & welding, CAD/CAM, measuring systems, automation &robotics, press &metal forming, etc.

Automation Tech & Cooperative Robotics

Connected with on-going industrial Revolution, the latest automation tech cooperative robots & solution, leveraging the realization of smart networks. Tailored to the needs of clients, they are appreciated as the pool of insight and inspiration for human society towards better future.



Products & Techs Leading to 4th Industrial Revolution

As a cream of SIMTOS 2018 operation & performance, the Special Pavilion on 4th Industrial Revolution elaborated on three key messages, i.e. smart, connectivity, and digital manufacturing, emerging as a generator of wisdom to translate the 4th Industrial Revolution into opportunities and prosperity.