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Title The Pulse of Manufacturing Transformation - Organizing Opportunities
Manager Ralphy Song Department in charge Exhibition Managment Team
Contact 02-3459-0028 Date 2018-01-29 11:36:40.56


The Pulse of Manufacturing Transformation
Organizing Opportunities





Taking place every even year, SIMTOS 2018 is poised to raise the curtain in April 3~7, transforming five days of exhibitions  conferences, networkings into opportunities & connectivity.

Under the new layout being introduced at SIMTOS 2018, Korea pavilion will comprise 341 exhibitors while Europe Pavilion and Asia, America, etc. Pavilion will have 132 and 134, respectively.

Categorized by specialized Hall, Parts, Materials, Motion Control Hall will be occupied by 195 exhibitors, representing 31.5% of the total. Metal Cutting & Die·Mold Working Hall will attract the second largest number of exhibitors with 117 (31.5%), followed by automation, CAD/CAM, Automation & Robotics with 113 (18.4%), Tools & Related Equipment with 90 (14.6%), Metal Cutting & Welding with 69 (11.2%) and Special Pavilion on 4th Industrial Revolution with 24 (3.9%).

For instance, three pavilion themed by country & continent is designed to present solutions to create optimized production system, conclusive to generate more opportunities for visitors to experience the three megatrends -- convergence, integration & collaboration.

Ideally located at the hub of Asia, Korea boasts of extensive market access to major machine tool-consuming countries. Illustratively, the combined share of five Asian countries (China, Japan, Korea Taiwan and India) account for roughly 56% of the global total.

Under its motto "Organizing Opportunities," SIMTOS 2018 Secretariat has instituted a variety of new & innovative program, being responsible and responsive to the 4th Industrial Revolution.