Exhibits List  SIMTOS 2020

Invitation to Inspiring Connectivity & Opportunities SIMTOS 2020

Exhibits List

Cutting machine

Turning Centers (Lathes), Machining Centers (Taping Centers), Milling machines (Plano millers), Drilling machines (Drill heads), Boring machines, Grinding machines (abrasive machines), Finishing machines / Lapping machines / Polishing machines / Honing machines, Electric Discharge machines (EDM, WEDM), Gear Processing machines (Hobbing Machines), High Speed Processing machines / Carving Machines, Special Purpose machines, Others (Beveling machines, slotting machines, small machine tools)

Cutting & forming machine

Cutting-off machines / Shearing machines, Bending machines, Plasma Cutting machines, Sawing machines, Laser Processing machines, Water Jet Processing machines, Laser Marking machines, Servo Presses, Mechanical Presses, Hydraulic Presses, Punching machines / Notching machines, Automated Equipment for Metal / Forming machines, Parts for Metal forming machines

Machine tools & automated parts

Machine tools units (ATC, APT, Turret tool holders, Spindle unit, XY table, Dividing head), Transfer & Drive System parts (LM Guides, Nuts, Ball screws, Bearings, Couplings, Cable chains), Electricity and Control unit (CNC controller, servo drive/Motor, Encoder, Sensors), Machine tools and Work holding units (Chucks, Fixing centers, Clamps, Vises), Cooling and Hydraulic & Pneumatic lubricating parts (Coolers, Skimmers, Chillers, Filtering system, Pumps)


Cutting Tools, Tool Holders (multi turrets), Diamond Tools, abrasive Tools (liners), Tool Grinders, Raw Materials, Electric Tools, AC Tools, DIY tools, Air Tools


Measuring/Inspection (Measuring Instrument, Gauges, Projectors, Microscopes, level sensors, Hardness tester, Scales), Machine Vision System

3D Printing & materials

Metals, Fibers, Chemicals, Ceramics, Plastics, Fluoroplastics, 3D Printer, 3D scanners

Automation of manufacturing

Integrated Automation System (Smart factory system, Automation system construction, Consulting), Information Technology (HML, Panels, industrial PC), Controlling Technology (PLCs, Robot/Drive CNC controller), Drive technology (Drive, Motors, Actuators), Drive Mechanism (Gears, Bearings, Couplings, Ball screws, LM Guide, Reducers, Valve, Nozzles), Positioning System (Gripper, Clamping, Feeder), Transfer System (Conveyor, Belt, Chain, Lift, Hoist), Information sensing/transforming system (Counters, Timers, Relays, Sensors, Lamps), Information identification technology (Bar-code scanners, Printer, RFID system, Vision camera), Energy supplying technology (Power supply, Safety switch, Inverter, Converter), Energy saving technology, Industrial communication technology (Industrial internet, Fieldbus equipment, Cable, Terminal strip, Connecter), IoT technology, Security technology

Manufacturing robot

Industrial Robots, Parts for Robots, Other Related Equipment for Robots


Welding machines, Welding Automation, Welding materials, Welding parts or related equipment


CAD (Computer Aided Design), CAID (Computer Aided Industrial Design), CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing), CAE (Computer Aided Engineering, Process analysis), CAE (Computer Aided Engineering, Performance analysis), PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), Cloud, Big Data, ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning)

Finishing Facility

Packaging system, Other Finishing facilities


Associations, Publications

Contacts 1599-2721

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